Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Major: Food

I've been working on a "focus" for my blog... and all it has gotten me is a realization that I have no focus. I took a webinar last week on Blogging 101... and it confirmed I needed to find a focus. Hmmm... but what to focus on?

Do I go with fashion and trends? Probably not... ever since I got married and bought a house I traded in my Vogue and W subscriptions for Martha Stewart Living and Sunset. 

Or there is kiddo stuff? Maybe... but he's pretty little still and we don't do anything all that interesting except defy gravity on a daily basis when diving off the couch face first onto the dog. 

I could be crafty! But I don't think I am really creative in my own right... I am a knock-off artist. I suppose I could stretch myself and see if I could come up with something fun to do... but it's much more fun for me to do stuff I found on another blog or on Pinterest

So.. that left me with food. 

I have a love-hate relationship with food. I love it... but it can make my jeans tight (tight jeans = hate). But I love to cook and bake and learn new things. So... I am pretty sure that is what I am going to use as my focus. 

For my oodles of readers, do not be sad... There will always be room for posts about my crazy son or my sporadic cleaning habits. But this is for the best. For the same reason they make you choose a major in college (umm.. is now a good time to mention that I pretty much was forced to pick a major because I had tried about 5 and was still a bit indecisive..?) I have decided to make my blog "major" food and all that it encompasses! With a minor in crazy toddler. 

I hope my new direction (cue husband laughing... ha ha new direction = nude erection.. very funny, I get it.. moving on!) proves to be a good choice. If not, we'll just switch it. See.. unlike a college major, I am not paying upwards of $25k a year to do this. (Which also means no student loansThank you, baby Jesus!)

As my beloved Poppa used to say, "Cheers to the cook!"


  1. Hurrah! I love food and will love to read about you loving and hating it :) I feel ya.
    Also, I started "following" you, but I don't think it worked...I see my name on the side. But no update when you post. So if I added myself to the side incorrectly--delete it!:)

  2. That sounds great I cant wait to see yummy creations you come up with!
    Go FOOD!