Friday, July 23, 2010

Modern Technology

Technology is amazing. Mark and I got to see our wee one in 3D the other night. Of course, Flash was being a pill and had his hand over his face... and then his hand AND his foot... but the pictures still turned out pretty good. What an experience! He's been a little hyper bean this week so it was fun to get to see him again and actually feel like we saw the real him. He's pretty cute for not being fully developed yet. And we think he has my nose. Lucky for us all the noses in our family are pretty cute so we didn't have to worry too much about that.

So on this lovely summer Friday I leave you with the latest paparazzi shots of our little man.
Happy Weekend!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Nesting, Phase 1

I think it's officially time I started nesting. Or so I'm told. I don't really want to spend my weekends cleaning and painting, etc but I suppose the poor guy deserves his own room and deserves it at least somewhat put together. So, I've started planning.

First we have to get rid of the furniture that is currently occupying Flash's room. Good-bye Craft Room... it was nice to have you for the last year. See you in the garage. Next, we need to paint. When we bought our house last year all the bedrooms were painted in this lovely ace bandage-colored hue. We managed to paint our bedroom but have left the other 3 alone for the time-being. So, Flash's room will get a nice coat of white paint.

White? you say? But that's so boring! Let me explain to you... I've been reading about this & baby's can really only see black, white & red for a while so I'm just being sensitive to that. Plus, I figure he'll have an opinion in a couple years and we can paint his room to his liking then. Until that time, Mama wants a nice clean, white room. There is a lot of natural light in there & white will make it lovely.

As far as "theme" there really isn't one. No zoo animals or baseballs or other weird boy things. Our baby is far beyond that :) Afterall, coming from artsy parents, he'll have much higher design goals than an oversized soccer ball on the wall. Bleh! So, I've been looking for some design inspiration from 2 of my fav blogs: Decor8 and Style Files. Love. And they've been oh-so-gracious with said inspiration. In addition to white walls I am also adding accents of a couple blue tones (one jewel and one a bit more subtle) and greys.

I've found Kat at Hearts and Crafts to make me some custom paper garlands for the walls - I love these. So simple but yet so fun! It's like a party all the time!

And I am eyeballing this paper crane mobile as well as this poster. Cranes are a symbol of loyalty & peace and I think those are perfect themes for our baby's room.

Next on the agenda is finding a dresser and building (or I suppose buying) some bookshelves. I found a picture of some that I like and am trying to commission my husband and father-in-law to build them for me but not sure I'll get them. *sigh* One can always hope.

Happy Friday everyone! Here's to spending a very hot weekend converting a craftroom into Flash's room!

Monday, July 12, 2010

25 weeks

Tomorrow I am 25 weeks into my pregnancy. I realize it's been a while since I uploaded any new pics so here we are.

Also including a picture of the cute onesies I made for Flash & gave to Mark on Father's Day. No, we're not naming the baby Flash.. that is just his nickname for now while we decide on his real name. He will be the most stylish BMX baby ever!