Friday, March 25, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


My dad goes to Hawaii every year for about 10 days after Christmas - he is a priest and, understandably, Christmas is one of his busier seasons so he goes to relax & defragment for a bit. This year he brought home a little sassy present for Drew - a Hawaiian shirt bib. We christened it yesterday with some nice rice cereal.

Mahalo, Grandpa!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bye, Dad!

Mark left for Taiwan last night - we miss him terribly already. Before he went I took this picture of him & Drew. Drew is right out of the bath & already in his jammies - which still consists of a sleep sack. I am hoping maybe as the weather starts to get a bit nicer he can transition out of them... but the reality of it is that he will probably grow out of them. The size that he has (and he has only 2 of them) are both smalls... and small only goes up to 18lbs. My chunkaroo is currently weighing in at 17 lbs, 11 oz. So, little man, you have a mere 5 oz before you cross into the no-sleep-sack zone. Enjoy them while they last.

Come home soon, Dad! We miss you!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy St. Crabby Patty's Day!

In January, while I was still off work, I went to Babies R Us one day to get a couple things for our wee one & they already had St. Patrick's Day stuff out - so I decided to spend the $6 and get one for Drew. Being raise by a kindergarten teacher, I have an affinity for all holidays - even the one's deemed "Hallmark Holidays." I enjoy the festivity of them all. So, Drew got his first St. Pat's t-shirt.
A few years ago my husband and I made shirts that said "Lepperchaun" on them... since our last name is Lepper.. ha ha... and we thought about making Drew one but then decided the lettering would take up the entire shirt. Maybe later.
But I digress.. So, on the morning of St. Patrick's Day I asked Mark to take a picture of Drew in his green finery so I could see how festive he looked. Apparently Drew was not up for the photo shoot.

Maybe next year.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Video Premiere

I finally figured it out... and the video is out of my phone and coming to you live! Well, maybe not live.. but it's here! And sort of blurry! I took some new videos with our actual camera last night too. I see this being a new trend for us - videos actually capture how hilarious Drew is right now. He likes to chat & make noises of all kinds. I swear I heard him say "mama" yesterday - but not "dada"... we haven't been practicing that. Only "mama". Anyhow, video will show what a funny guy he is.

I'm so proud of him! I am also realizing that I need to get to the store & get my child safety stuff stat! No more sharp corners in our house (which really could be beneficial for all!)!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Working my cellphone, programming the VCR and other impossible tasks...

Ok... so cell phones are not new media but until I had a child I didn't really think of it as a tool for more than just making phone calls and sending texts... and occasionally taking a funny picture of my cat or husband. Now it seems that they do so much more! I still am in the dark ages with my cell phone and don't have on that even connects with the internet but I did figure out how to take a video with my phone... and while I sit here and figure out how the heck to get it out of my phone I will leave you with this immensely cute picture of my son, Drew, that I took on my phone.

Now you'll excuse me while I go get a crowbar and work on getting the video out of my phone.