Thursday, March 22, 2012

In Training

I bet you're wondering where I went... ok.. hopefully you're wondering where I went. 
A couple of things have kept me from blogging as much as I would like. 

First is my crazy toddler - Drew. He has decided that he wanted to move his bedtime from 7pm back to 8pm which means my "me" time has been reduced by an hour. Phoo! But the trade-off has been him sleeping through the night (most nights). I guess I'll just have to deal because I think I would rather give him the hour before bedtime rather than at 3am. No thank you!

Second is the Ragnar Relay. For those of you who weren't following me an entire year ago, the Ragnar Relay is a 200-mile relay race from Huntington Beach to Coronado Island (San Diego). Last year, Mark and I joined a team with his cousins and this year we formed a new team made up of a mish-mash of cool people we know. The relay basically functions like.. well.. a relay race. There is a "baton" that is passed from one runner to the next and we just run in sequence until we reach the finish line. There are 12 people on each team (unless you're crazy *ahem, Carl* and run an Ultra team, which is only 6 people) and each runner runs 3 legs. Legs can vary from about 3 miles to 10 miles, flat & hilly, day and over-night. It is an amazing experience & we're super excited to be running it again... in less than 4 weeks! So that is where the rest of my evenings have been going. Since it is crunch time for our training, I've been running at night trying to get my body ready for this race. 

So, please forgive my absence. Trust me, I'd love to be focusing on other things.. like this new brownie recipe I found. But all in due time. Next week should be better and I'll try to get my act together and blog for realsies.

I leave you with a few fun pics from last year's Ragnar Race...

Me & Mark before the race - it was a beautiful weekend!
The Starting Line - Huntington Beach
Who wouldn't be motivated by this?!
Have a very happy weekend!

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