Monday, March 5, 2012


I've been seeing alot of waffles lately. And not just the kind you get on a Sunday morning covered in strawberries and whipped cream or dripping with sweet syrup. I am seeing more of the savory kind and seeing alot of them. Am I picking up on some sort of new food trend?

We live down the street from a walk-up food stand called Bruxie. They're slogan is "the bold fold" - they offer waffles in all formats. Sweet, savory, as a sandwich. The line is usually wrapped around the corner. We've managed to go there once and I had a prosciutto and Gruyere waffle; my husband had the Bruxie Burger. Both were delightful. I am understanding why people are standing in line for this.

And then, in my Bon Appetit magazine this month there is a short article about and recipe for Ham & Cheese Waffles. I think we held out about 3 days before we had to make them. We altered the recipe a bit (I simply could not put 2 sticks of butter in the waffle batter and face a mirror ever again) but tried to stay true and I have to admit - they were pretty darn good.

I am seeing recipes for these savory waffles everywhere - Pinterest is covered in them. Really, if you think about it what is not to love about a warm buttery, crispy waffle topped with.... anything? I am pretty sure that if you took cooked carrots (which I despise) and added a waffle with them... I'd eat them... and probably enjoy them. 

So, the lesson learned here is: Eat waffles with everything. Or maybe it's: Turn everything into a waffle. Either way, you won't be disappointed.

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