Monday, April 25, 2011

Too Cute

Just a few cute pics of Drew in his jumper. 
Happy Monday!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sweet Potatoes

Drew just turned 6 months old on Wednesday & to celebrate we have added sweet potatoes into his food list. He was way into it. He also decided that I was not doing it fast enough & he wanted to take over. Not sure where he gets this stubbornness from... ?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ragnar Wrap-Up

Well, I did it! Actually, WE did it! My team - Directionally Challenged - finished the Ragnar Relay! It was a great experience and I am pretty sure I will be doing it again. It was a true physical & mental challenge for me but I did great - finished all of my legs and feel like I contributed to my team. What an awesome feeling! 

The race started in Huntington Beach - our team off 11 (one runner had an injury that kept him from competing) in our team shirts ready to go.

My husband was runner #3 and I was runner #6 so we had a little bit of down time while waiting for our turn. I kept busy by reading educational materials.

My first leg was in Yorba Linda - it was fairly short (2.7 miles) but it was also 98 degrees out so it made the run a bit more challenging than normal. Each team member has to hand off a snap bracelet to the next runner as they enter the exchange. First photo is Aimee (runner #5) handing off to me. She had just finished an amazingly difficult run up a hill - she was a machine! 

And I was off!

Normally I would never post pictures of me running because no one needs self-deprecating photos like that to be on the internet but this one actually didn't make me cry so I thought I would prove to the world that I was running!
By the way - can't you just see the heat?!

We skip forward about 30 hours or so to the end... my van, runners 1-6, had finished our final legs & were headed to the finish line area to wait for our final runners to complete the race. We stopped at our hotel to check in on our way and they welcomed us with this fancy sign - how thoughtful!

The Ragnar Relay is a great experience - if you're a runner or aspire to be one - this is a great challenge & I highly recommend it. The key is to have a great time & we had one for sure

PS - I need show you the cool medals we got - but it deserves its own post!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ragnar Relay

This weekend Mark and I are participating in the Ragnar Relay - for those of you unfamiliar with the Ragnar series it is a 12-man relay & our race is from Huntington Beach to Coronado Island in San Diego. If you're not from this area and aren't sure how far that is... our route is roughly 200 miles. I have been very intimidated by this race & training for it but today I feel ready... which is good because the race is Friday. 

I was never a team sport player growing up and I do not have a competitive spirit when it comes to physical activity. Trivia games, yes - running, no. I actually think it's the scariest part of running this relay - not whether I can run it, but whether I can run it in time to keep my team on track. No pressure! 

Wish me (and the rest of our team) luck! I'll post pictures of the race next week!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Mud Flaps!

Yesterday, Mark and I joined 20 of our friends & coworkers in the Irvine Lake Mud Run. For those of you unfamiliar with the Mud Run - it is a 5k with mud & water obstacles throughout. It is dirty and super fun. We had a great group and we had a blast! We're already looking forward to the next run this summer!

Go team Mud Flaps!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Here comes Peter Cottontail...

It is almost Easter & I am getting prepared. Whereas Drew is not really going to be up for an Easter Egg Hunt this year I thought I would still dress him up for the festivities. We are going camping with my husband's family for Easter so Drew lucked out - no homemade suits with a bow tie this year.

My mom already bought him a bunny hat so I decided to go for a sassy t-shirt. I decided to try out a new technique I've been dying to use - Freezer Paper Printing. Thanks to my new favorite blog - Made - I got out my Xacto knife & some fabric paint & went to it.

Pretty stylish, no? And festive to boot!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Drew's first girlfriend

My good friend, Kaija, came to visit this past weekend & Drew was in love! They played and played and had such a good time.

Their first photo session... Drew wasn't really cooperating.

Auntie Kaija scored extra points for feeding him (both with Drew & with me!).

We took a trip to Costco & Auntie Kaija wore Drew in the bjorn.

A few pictures of me & Drew and Mark & Drew when we went to Freebirds for burritos.

We miss you, Auntie Kaija - Come back soon!