Monday, February 4, 2013

Drew's Sports Class: Soccer

Mark and I have Drew enrolled in a multi-sport class; 2 weeks of soccer, 2 weeks of t-ball & 2 weeks of basketball. Mark plays adult-league soccer twice a week plus we watch it on TV frequently so I thought for sure Drew would be super into playing. Especially if his dad played with him.

I was surprised to see his reaction to his first class - he wanted nothing to do with it. I was stunned. Here is a kid that runs out in the backyard as often as possible to kick around a soccer ball.... but then when it was an official class with other kids, he wanted no part of it. Say what?!

After much coaxing (and threats.. promises.. etc) he finally kicked the ball around and made it into the goal. If I can brag for a second (and since this is MY blog, I can), Drew is already very talented at soccer. He can dribble, kick, make it in the goal - he's a natural. (Gets it from his dad... not me.)

Stretching before playing
Not interested...
Needing a little assistance from Dad

Hmm... not quite getting the "no hands" rule. 
Putting the ball down in front of the goal
Kicking it in the net
Surveying the result

Wait.. let's try this again...
Victory lap

Next week we start t-ball. Mark and I already agree that we're not sure Drew with a bat is a good idea.

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lepper Colony Etsy Shop

It is official - I am a shop!

I opened my Etsy shop last week and it has been going so well - I made 3 sales within my first few days!

I currently only have a few things on my site but I am bound and determined to fill it up with awesomeness as soon as I can.

I pinky-promise that I will not incessantly post updates on my shop or its contents but I couldn't help but announce it's birthday.

Feel free to stop by... here is the address: Lepper Colony Etsy Shop

And... here are a few items currently in there. More to come... Promise. I love holidays so there will always be holiday goodies available!

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