Monday, February 20, 2012

Project De-Clutter: The Kitchen Counter, Part 1

I've been busy working on my de-cluttering process and have my very first Before/After to share!!



Now... This may not look like I've gotten very far but this cleaned up area had a trickle-down affect. In order to get things off this counter, I had to clean out the cupboards above it and get rid of 20 wine glasses that have never been used. Not too surprisingly, that freed up a bunch of extra space - so all of Drew's stuff that was on the counter is now tucked neatly up into a cupboard. 

I picked up a few glass jars at Crate & Barrel last week with a left-over gift card from my birthday & have made quick use of them. They make even dog treats look nice and neat!

I also fixed 2 parts of my sink (OK.. husband helped with one of them) and reorganized the under-sink cabinets as well. I thought about showing a picture.. but without a "before" picture, the "after" seems a bit anti-climactic. 

Today is President's Day and I am celebrating my day off by cleaning. I'm not sure what that is how it is meant to be observed  but I bet George and Abe would be in favor of my progress. 

Oh - did I mention that I cleaned out one of my closets too (yes, I said one of my closets)?! I got rid of at least 10 pairs of very expensive shoes from the early 2000... holy cats, were we into pointy toes or what?! Good riddance.

So, before I lose my motivation I am off to work on laundry and some other clean-type tasks. And then, we're off to celebrate Presidents' Day in the truest of fashions - hitting the Sears' sale for a new vacuum cleaner!

Happy Presidents' Day!!

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