Friday, July 10, 2009

How Dark is too dark?

I want to paint out hallway this teal color but I am having issues deciding - how dark is too dark? I like some of the darker colors but I am worried that we'll be entering the Cavern of Doom everytime we walk towards the back part of the house. Granted, it'll be spruced up with a new chandelier and some art to break it up... plus the doors & linen closet are white, so it won't be all dark and scary... but I still can't decide. What do you think?


  1. THe lighter the better.. or two different colors that are roughly the same?
    take your time. don't rush into anything. ha.. this is coming from the laziest painter around.

  2. See... our old bathroom was lightish bluish and so I was trying to keep from doing that again... I want to go darker but again, don't want to be scared to walk down the hallway!