Friday, July 17, 2009

Fortune Cookie House Decorating

So, my husband has pretty much relinquished all interior decorating to me & I've decided this could be fun. I told him that I would no longer tell him about my projects - that he will just come home one day and something will be a different color or have new pillows, etc. It's like a fortune cookie! You never know what you'll get until you open it (it being the door or whatever..)

This week's fortune cookie... the hallway. Earlier this week I was convinced I was going to paint it teal but now.. I am feeling something different. I discovered the Living Etc website the other day & have been browsing through their galleries and came across my new favorite option - Off-Black. Their picture has a sassy green door, I will not have that, but I think the off-black will look rad with all the white doors & linen closet. Then add a saucy new light fixture or some new knobs on the linen closet - RAD! So excited!

So, I'm not telling Mark what I'm doing... and I may still change my mind for the 30th time. I guess we'll just see what the fortune cookie says!

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