Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cooking School - Week 1

A few months ago a gem of a Groupon popped up into my inbox - a 6-week professional cooking class at Prep Kitchen Essentials. I sat at my desk, impatiently waiting for my husband to sign onto Skype so that I could ask (see: beg) if I could spend the ungodly amount of money to attend this course. (note... the price was ungodly but it was 50% of.. umm.. whatever is double-ungodly!) My dear husband, without even thinking twice, said "Go for it!" Yay! I'm going to school!

My first class was this last Monday. Of course I was a big bone-head and scheduled my car to get maintenance done that day and was almost totally late to class but I made it! This week's class was taught by Rahm Fama who is a chef on Food Network's Meat & Potatoes. It was kind of exciting to be in a class being taught by someone that, not only is a chef by career choice, but is good enough to be on TV! Score! Rahm was a great teacher. I am sort of bummed he's not our normal teacher, but happy to have shared one class with him. Thank you, Chef!

Since this was week one we pretty much focused on kitchen basics and some knife skills. I am happy to say, I can now dice, julienne and bias-cut all vegetables in a mirepoix, as well as potatoes. I can also slice and dice kiwi, strawberries, apples and pears. Watch out vegetation - I am coming for you!

A few pictures to show my skills...

Perfectly diced carrots (Check out my knife!)

Perfectly julienned & diced onions

We have a week off for the Memorial Day holiday but I am super excited to go back and learn more in a couple weeks. 

On the syllabus for the next class.... Sauces, Stocks & Soups! 
On the edge of your seat.. I know.

Cheers to the Cook!

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