Sunday, January 3, 2010


Holy Cats! It's been an entire month since I posted last - Such a slacker! I have to admit that December was a busy month - the holidays sort of snuck up on us & have now passed and left us scratching our heads a bit!

So, where better to start than with New Year's Resolutions...
In no particular order:

- Be as healthy as possible. This seems really broad but I didn't want to say "lose weight" or anything like that. Mark and I are planning to start our family this year and it seems to me that healthy mama = healthy baby. So, bye-bye sugar substitutes & caffeine... Hello organic fruits & veggies!

- Read as much as possible. As I mentioned above, we're planning to start our family this year & the crazy person that I am, I am loving reading everything I can get my hands on about pregnancy and parenting. I am a self-admitted nerd when it comes to this stuff - I love to learn as much as I can. I've already read a handful of books & a ton of magazines - got 2 more books for Christmas & ordering another from tomorrow! I will be a virtual encyclopedia about having a baby!

- Take more pictures. I say this every year but I really mean it this time. Reviewing the past year in pictures from my camera was depressing. It went from Christmas 08 to July, then October and then New Years 2010. Lame! This year, more pictures. This will also benefit my blog because I'll have more festive things to show you! Yay!

It is a short list but the way I see it - more chances of success! I have high hopes for you, 2010!
Happy New Year!

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