Friday, October 3, 2014

Morning Smoothie Rituals That Make Life Easier!

Hello, my people...
Happy Friday!

Last time I blogged about how we've been drinking smoothies for breakfast on the weekdays. Today, I thought I would share a bit out my routine, too.

Since the smoothie recipes I've been using make 2 servings, it makes it super easy for me to just toss everything in the blender & have breakfast for both me & the spouse in mere minutes. Convenient, she says!

A few things that I've adopted into this whole process have made it much easier.

First, for a while before I was making smoothies for me and spouse, I was making a mock-smoothie (read: banana, almond butter, almond milk, blended together) and using a random lidded plastic cup to transport my drink. Well... I broke that cup. I definitely needed something stronger. What is stronger than plastic? Glass! I have a huge affection for mason jars - use them for everything - so I decided to donate a few to the smoothie cause. The 16oz size work perfectly.

I also bought us these very handy things called Cuppow lids. They are amazing. They turn any standard (aka not wide-mouth) mason-type jar into a drinking vessel. Genius!

Another habit that I've adopted is that I have all of my smoothie supplies in one cupboard, all in jars, labeled and easy to access. Obviously, the exceptions are the fruit in the freezer (I do keep this all in one handy container, mind you. Dang! Should have taken a photo... of my freezer... hmm.. nevermind..) and the liquids (almond milk, coconut water, etc) that are in the fridge. Keeping all of these ingredients together and organized has made gathering everything pretty much effortless. It also makes it pretty simple to see if I need replenishment on anything because the jars keep visibility clear. (ha! get it?! clear... glass..ha!)

See - I told you I had a small affinity obsession with jars.

And here we are... in the car. I am enjoying my smoothie.. Drew is eating yogurt. He hasn't embraced the idea of smoothies for breakfast yet. He will taste mine every so often, but he doesn't feel ready to commit to an entire one. Someday. Maybe if I buy him his own Cuppow. Do you think they make a Spiderman version?

Have a happy and healthy weekend, all! The sun is still shining here in Portland and I have every intention of enjoying it while it lasts. 


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