Wednesday, April 25, 2012

SoCal Ragnar 2012: Recap

Our dear, beloved Ragnar Relay has come and gone... sigh..

I  know I've mentioned it before but Ragnar was sort of the focus of my life for the last few weeks. Trying to work in running every night - juggling a toddler schedule, 2 soccer games, making dinner, the occasional cleaning spree or laundry event made running sometimes hard and frustrating, but it all paid off and we had a great race. 

I shall share a short recap in pictures. 
This is our team - A Case of the Runs - pre-race, aptly located in front of the port-o-potties. It was about 5am.
The Start Line. It was 5:15am so everyone had to wear their reflective vests and headlamps. 
 Me (center w/o bib) with about half our team at Exchange 3
Our most stylish runner, by far!

My husband... who makes running 5 miles look like a walk from the living room to the kitchen. And, yes... his legs really are that white. 

Probably the most unflattering picture of me... and notice I'm not exactly running... It was 110 degrees off the pavement so I was walking at this point. Notice I have water, Gatorade and Mark has 2 ice bags for me. It was ridiculously hot. I want no comments about my outfit not matching, either. It did match. And it was bright and cheery! 

Skip ahead about 25 hours and here we are on beautiful Coronado Island - finished with the race. I am on the left end - I  was runner #12 so I had just finished my last leg about 10 minutes before this. Thus the sweaty glow and stellar outfit choice. Notice our very cool medals (they double as bottle openers!)

Our celebratory lunch at Pizzeria Luigi on Golden Hill in San Diego. The pizza is worth doing the race for. Delish!

It was a great race and our team did great! Everyone is so pumped that we're putting together a team to do the NorCal race in September.

But for now... amidst the running... back to food! 

photo credit: Erin & Roger McCraner

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