Saturday, October 1, 2011

Death by Pinterest

It is true... I am addicted to Pinterest. I adore it. I spend hours on it. Collecting pictures of things I could do someday if life ever handed me a few empty hours. 

Actually, in my slight defense, I have done a few projects that I've "pinned." I made Drew a very cool mustache shirt after I pinned a picture of a onesie with a mustache on it. And today I made a whole new board for all my new t-shirt ideas. I hope Drew likes his home-made shirt collection because I am loving the idea of him having all these cool, original shirts. In my opinion, they're better than all the Carters or Circo (Target) stuff that's on every other 11 month old. 


So today I bought a handful of blank hoodies & tees... and I am excited to see what I am going to create. 

So long pile of boring shirts! Let's make my obsession warranted!

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