Saturday, June 11, 2011

What?! It's been a month?

Wow how time flies... it's been a MONTH since I posted last. I received a few complaints from my herds of loyal followers so here we be - back and posting for your enjoyment!

Tomorrow is Sunday & for years we've been avid listeners to the program Breakfast with the Beatles on KLOS. Admittedly there were many weeks where we slept right through it but now that we have a cute little alarm clock we are back to catching it almost every week.

Last week Drew and I decided to get into the groove a bit & he dawned is Beatles shirt. The shirt is a 2-4 month shirt so I am thoroughly impressed that it still fits him but it does, for now, so he wore it and we ate our breakfast and rocked out to the Fab Four.

They are never too young to learn about good music.

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