Wednesday, March 17, 2010

First Photos

Today we had our first doctor's appointment and got to check out our little bebe bun. Measuring in at 1.7 cm, our little blueberry is going strong. We even got to see the little flicker of the heart. I teared up of course... I think Mark was trying to figure out what we were looking at. In his defense, it did look like a little blob on a monitor. We could have been looking at a butterfly pupa for all we knew! But, we weren't... we were looking at our future.

There are days when I stop to think about what having a baby means and I get a little overwhelmed. But then I realize that people do this everyday so it must be even better than I can imagine and we will definitely survive. I think I felt this way when we got married, when we got our 2 cats and when we bought our house too... and so far all 3 of those have been great decisions. We will do awesome.

I can hardly wait to meet our little bun... but not yet.. you keep cooking in there & we'll prepare the world for you out here.

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  1. i almost cried when I read this....I'm so very excited for the both of you and this new adventure that you are embarking on. If your parenting skills are half as good as your baking skills, I KNOW you will be phenomenal mama! I love you guys and keep the updates coming!!!