Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jillian Michaels is trying to kill me...

It's true.

Little did I know that Monday night, while perusing through Target, I would sign myself up for my imminent death. While browsing through the exercise DVDs I came across the Jillian Michaels' "Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism" DVD and I thought, "Hey, this is only $10... let's give it a go!"

I am a fanatic Biggest Loser follower and really like Jillian.. until now...

I was actually excited to try my new workout DVD - I came home from a quick trip to the grocery store, threw my exercise clothes on and flipped on the DVD. I was ready! We started with a warm up.. but this was like no warm up I've ever done... I was gasping for breath at only the midway point! What ensued for the next 40 minutes (well, 40 minutes according to the DVD player... probably more like 25ish in real time) was a series of circuit combinations that are meant to give these little "bursts" of calorie burning moves. Each circuit is done 2 times. I think I made through about half of each circuit. The moves are a combination of kick-boxing kicks and punches, jumping drills and a bit of floor work.

I admit fully that I am a bit out of shape - it has been about 3 months since I donned my running shoes for a quick sprint around the neighborhood... but this was a whole different beast. As I watched the DVD, doubled over, gasping for breath, hoping to not pass out on my new yoga mat, I was continuously impressed at how flawlessly the girls in the DVD completed each circuit. You could definitely tell they were working though - not just glossing through each move & then off camera taking a ten-minute breather.

I like this DVD and I think that if I can ever get to a place where I am doing even 75% of the workout I will consider myself triumphant.

Mark asked me if she yells at you the whole time you're working out (sort of like on Biggest Loser) and I said no, she's actually quite pleasant... however, like on the Biggest Loser, she does make you want to throw up on your self! Here's to good health!

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