Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Begins..

I was a bit irked this year to see how many people (retailers included) found it ok to skip Thanksgiving & decorate for Christmas mid-November. Thanksgiving is such a great holiday and I felt like it should have its own decorations. A thumbs up to Nordstrom who actually posted a sign at their front doors explaining that they would not be decorating for Christmas until November 27th. Way to go Nordstrom!

Ok.. enough of that - I actually love Christmas. I like how cheery things look all the time. This is our first Christmas in our new house & I am fear that I may turn into a crazy person over decorating. My house growing up never lacked in full holiday regalia dripping from every outpost possible - but I have always found myself a bit more conservative in my decorating quests. A tasteful tree, a nice wreath, a nativity scene.. but far from over the top.

This year I am already feeling different about my approach to decorating - there will definitely be more of it! I have already made my maiden voyage to Michaels to buy garlands that were 50% off. And who knows what will loom in the future.

Christmas is a time of celebration and what better way to celebrate than to decorate like you're having a party! Pictures to come...

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  1. I agree, you know Nordstroms actually posted on their window that they would not do Christmas decor until after Thanksgiving to give each holiday its day. Its all marketing.