Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dearest Sophie...

Over the past few months I have admittedly become obsessed with this cute little giraffe named Sophie. I actually have Jessica & Jackson to thank for the introduction as I first saw her cute little self on their blog. My first thoughts were simple “What a cute little giraffe!” but then it turned into “I want one of those giraffes.” I felt a bit weird about it because I do not have any kids and I am not pregnant but I desperately wanted a giraffe teether. She is French & Organic! What is wrong with me?!

Then I saw her featured in
Cookie Magazine.

Then I saw her again featured in the
LA Times.

So I bought one.

I am afraid after 2 big features that everyone will want one & in a year or so when I am pregnant or whatever, I won’t be able to find one because everyone in the world will have snatched them all up. And I would be left out… with no cute giraffe squeaky/teething toy.

So I bought one.

And her little organic self, with her vegetable dye dots, will sit in her box until there is a bebe Lepper to enjoy her. But at least I can rest easy knowing that my child will have a Sophie to love. That is, if I can share.

1 comment:

  1. haaaa! we love sophie!!!! seriously! and- just so you know, sophie has 3 frenchie mushroom pals (or champignons) you may need? jackson loves sophie better than the mushroom pal tho---but she is AWESOME!!!!!! congrats!